Important Note:

We recommend that you purchase Sunex® Tools product from an Authorized Distributor to ensure warranty support and service. Sunex® Tools assumes no service liability for product purchased from an Unauthorized Distributor.

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Sunex® Tools Inc. Warrants to its customers that the company’s Sunex® Tools branded products are free from defects in workmanship and materials.

Sunex® Tools Inc. will repair or replace its Sunex® Tools branded products which fail to give satisfactory service due to defect in workmanship or materials, based upon the Terms and Conditions of the Warranty plans attributed to that specific product.

This Warranty does not cover damage to equipment or tools arising from alteration, abuse, misuse, damage and does not cover any repairs or replacement made by anyone other than Sunex® Tools or its Authorized Service Centers.

Return equipment or tools to Sunex® Tools or an Authorized Sunex® Warranty Center, SHIPPING PREPAID. Be certain to include your name, address and contact information, proof of purchase date, and a description of the suspected defect.

The foregoing obligation is Sunex® Tools’ sole liability under this or any implied warranty and under no circumstances shall Sunex® Tools be liable for any incidental or consequential damages.


Lifetime Warranty Exceptions - Impact Sockets 

Impact Reducers

1805, 2301, 3305, 4301, 5303, 5524, 6332

Extra Thin Wall Impact Sockets

2617, 2619, 2621, 2622, 2624, 2626, 2628, 2632, 2634

Extra Thin Wall Flip Sockets

2706, 2708, 2710, 2712



The SUNEXpress™ Warranty, hereafter referred to as the SUNEXpress program, is solely a marketing program outlining the details of a streamlined exchange process and is not intended as an express or implied warranty by definition. The SUNEXpress program applies to service jacks under 3.5 Ton capacity and warrants that Sunex® Tools will exchange the yoke of a defective service jack for a new jack of same model # directly with Sunex® Tools. This exchange is in lieu of any other remedy for a product defect you may have, including breach of any other express or implied warranties. The SUNEXpress™ program does not apply to defects that result from use of jack other than intended as lifting equipment, initial performance defects that may be resolved through purging air from the pump, nor defects that may be resolved by the supply of spare parts, including but not limited to, defects in the handles or casters.

What is Covered

  • 6613A
  • 6612UPS
  • 6603
  • 66037
  • 6602ASJ
  • 6603ASJ


Who is Covered

This warranty covers only the initial purchase of the product.

Period of Coverage

This warranty is in effect for 1 year from the date the consumer purchases the jack from the jobber.

What is not Covered

This warranty does not cover defects due directly or indirectly to misuse, abuse, negligence, or accidents, wear and tear, improper repairs or alterations, or lack of maintenance.

Procedure for Product Return

1. Ensure jack is still under 1 year warranty and call (855) 600-SWAP

2. Provide proof of purchase and images of jack failure via email for warranty approval

3. Identify the yoke – the triangular component connecting the handle to the chassis

4. Remove large bolt on each side of the yoke

5. Ensure the serial number is clearly visible on the unit. The serial number will be used as confirmation before a new unit is shipped to you.

6. Sunex® will provide a shipping address after verification of step 2. Ship the yoke to this address. The user is responsible for shipping costs of the yoke.

7. Replacement service jack will be sent out promptly after receipt of yoke!